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We have gone through a lot in the last 8 months- Our world is different than it was last year- but for residents at our properties, not all the changes have been challenging. Many residents have gotten closer with far away loved ones through digital visits. Our residents are now comfortable on digital video calls, and are excited to be able to speak more with more of their friends and family!. It's no longer a whole day trip for grandchildren to come by- now it's a whatsapp or messenger video chat to say hi to grandma! Watching a resident use verbal commands on her Facebook Portal Video Chat system is so much fun! “Hey Portal, call Sandy!” We have forged deeper relationships with our residents as our group activities have gotten smaller. Our Separate and Social programming initiative has benefited many residents with personalized one on one and small group programming. Did you know that a traveling Luau cart and dance party can elicit fits of laughter from even the most straight faced resident? We do now! Residents are still only responsible for relaxing, having a good time and enjoying themselves. They have sat back and watched the management teams take care of the day to day- and not worried about much. The final piece of the puzzle is back in place at most of our communities. We are able to open for smart and limited visitation- The residents love it and the families are so thankful to be visiting in a responsible way with their loved ones. In the time of social distancing, assisted living is still the best choice for isolated seniors or seniors who could use a helping hand now and again. The social calendar has shifted a bit to accommodate for new protocols, but the feeling of COMMUNITY is still there.

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