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Father’s Day is right around the corner and here at Senior Living Management we’d like to help by bringing you some fresh gift ideas for your pops. Father Day’s is always a good excuse to celebrate, get together, and show your father some love. Choosing a great and thoughtful present is never an easy task. Here are three great gifts ideas that would make your dad really happy, and you too.


Even when you’re older, you always want to look good, and sometimes we forget that our parents care about their style as much as we do – maybe even more. Getting a present for your dad to help him look sharp or smell good is always a great idea. A nice cologne, a shaving kit — or even a gift card for his favorite barber shop — are as classic as they are good.

SLM Tip: If your elderly father needs some assistance while shaving, we have the perfect present for him. Shaving can be pretty tricky, and it could get more difficult when you are doing it for someone else, but Gillette created the ideal razor for assisted shaving. TREO, the first razor designed to offer a safer, easier, and more comfortable shave for anyone who can't shave on their own.


We know what you are thinking, “Technology? For my Dad!?” but wait. Technology nowadays is easier and more user-friendly than ever before. Getting your dad a smartwatch so you can keep in contact, a tablet so he can read the news, or a Kindle for the ferocious readers will be a great way to make your dad’s life a little easier and give him a taste of technology. A smart speaker is also a great present and a really helpful tool for every parent, especially those with dementia. They can listen to their favorite tunes and ask Alexa any question they want.

However, a tech gift must come with a lesson on how to use it. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and show you care – the best gift of all!


Many older folks spend their days indoors so Father’s Day could be a great opportunity to take dad out for dinner to his favorite restaurant or participate in a recreational activity that you he enjoys. A family picnic, a fishing trip to the nearest lake, or maybe bring dad home for a board game night with the family. Whatever you have planned will be exciting and fun as long as you put your dad in the center. Don’t forget it’s his day!


A digital photo frame full of family pictures or traditional frames with quality photos are always an emotional and powerful gift that doesn’t cost much but it has a lot of value. Old memories are always good to be remembered, but creating a new one that’s worth remembering with him will be even better.  

Whatever your plans are, the best gift for your dad is time together. Happy Father’s Day!

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