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When home-shoppers arrive in Florida, realtors love using the phrase, “Location! Location! Location!”

It’s a timeworn guideline for real estate and selling preferred locations.

It’s also important when a family is considering a move for an elderly parent needing a new residence with services and facilities for assistance and care.

Location may mean more frequent visits by family members and friends. But location is secondary to the security and safety factors offered by communities like The Peninsula.

We always advise families to make up their own “shopping list” of key items, prioritizing daily care as well as the type of services offered.

Other key considerations: comfort and security features in living accommodations, ability to personalize a residence with treasured personal items and furnishings, activity and social programs, dining service and both staff and administrative support.

There are many other factors to consider in determining if a community is a good fit for your loved one. Newcomers to a community like The Peninsula often find their social interaction increases when discovering the enjoyment of talking with similar people when they have spent so much time living alone.

So while living within easy commuting distance is definitely a “plus” for family members; security and safety for an elderly parent are always paramount considerations when considering their relocation.

It’s why we invite those considering a new residence to stop by for one or more visits at The Peninsula. We welcome comparison shopping and are always pleased to host family visits.

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