Secure Online Payments

We are proud to offer a choice of convenient ways for you to make secure electronic payments to Savannah Cove of Palm Beach :

Make an online payment for Savannah Cove of Palm Beach


RENT CAFE' is our new online Resident & Family Portal that gives residents and family members the convenience and flexibility to make secure online payments directly from your linked bank account, credit card or debit card at anytime. Also, authorized users can view their current balance, past statements and payment history. Because your Resident Portal is integrated with Yardi Voyager® all payments and information is updated and available in real time. 

If you already activated your Rent Cafe' user account, click the RESIDENT PORTAL button to enter the site.

If you need to sign-up as a new user, please follow these simple and easy registration steps:

1) Click HERE and provide us your name, your email address and the resident name (or send the information to us at INFO@SLM.NET);

2) Within 24-hours, a Rent Cafe' registration link will be emailed to you,  please follow the instructions on the message when you receive it;

3) The registration message will provide a link and temporary password to be used for your first-time login;

4) After your initial login, go to your settings to reset your password and customize your Rent Cafe' experience 


Choice 2:

The button below will connect you with our Payer Express online payment process which provides you the convenience of making a payment using your Credit Card or Debit Card. Follow the PayerExpress Help link for general assistance. You can also follow the PayerExpress Enrollment Guide link to review step-by-step guidance on enrolling in the Payer Express website

PLEASE NOTE: PayerExpress access will be replaced with our new Resident Portal product, so PayerExpress access will soon be removed. If you are a current PayerExpress user, please go to our Resident Portal site to register and setup your Rent Cafe' account.  ​

Enter the PayerExpress Website

Choice 3:

You can enroll in our new Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Process. By enrolling in the EFT Payment Process you can authorize your bank to make the monthly electronic payment to us. Follow this EFT Payment Process link for more information and enrollment instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Our EFT access will be replaced with our new Resident Portal product, so EFT access will soon be removed. If you are a current EFT user, please go to our Resident Portal site to register and setup your Rent Cafe' account.  ​.