A Helping Hand When You Need It Most

Senior Day Services in West Palm Beach, FL

We understand that you would do anything in the world to care for your family.

However, between juggling...

  • Kids and/or your significant other
  • Work
  • Your passions and hobbies

...the idea of caring for a senior parent or family member might seem overwhelming, if not impossible.

You can have the best of both worlds when it comes to caring for your loved and raising your own family, following your passions, or building your career. All you need is a little extra help from our kind and compassionate senior care day services team.

Let us lend you a hand...

Savannah Court of the Palm Beaches


2090 North Congress Avenue West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Day Services at senior living in West Palm Beach, Florida

How Our Senior Day Services Work

Our day services program is designed to provide your loved one with a warm, friendly, and engaging home away from home during the times you need to tend to other obligations

Here’s how it works...

During day service’s hours, your loved one is invited to visit our community where he/she will have access to...

  • Community outings (non-memory care residents only).
  • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner).
  • Community spaces for rest, relaxation, or entertainment.
  • Social opportunities.

All day long, we will ensure your loved one is cared for as if he or she were a member of our own family.

At the end of the day, you will pick your loved one up with the assurance that he/she had an exciting, stimulating day in a community with staff that truly cares.

Our day services are available 7 days a week for 8-hour time periods (flexibility is available upon request). We recommend that your loved one visits between the hours of 9 and 5, as this is when the majority of our activities and events take place

Whom Senior Day Services Are For

Day services are available to anyone who needs daily assistance in caring for a senior parent/family member due to...

  • Working full-time.
  • Caring for other family members.
  • Feeling burned-out with caregiver responsibilities.
  • Needing free time to run errands.

At Savannah Court of the Palm Beaches, we understand that caring for our loved ones is a very important, yet time-consuming, job. We’re here to provide you the support you need to rest and recharge so you can continue to care for your loved one from home.


As a continuing care community, we are able to offer daily care to seniors who...

  • Cannot be safely left at home alone.
  • Desire to participate in activities and socialize with people their own age.
  • Have dementia.
  • Have Alzheimer’s.
  • Need assisted living type care when you are unavailable.

Day Services: What’s Included

As part of our day services program, your family member will have access to...

  • Restaurant-style breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner (depending on time frame).
  • All of our daily scheduled activities.
  • Day outings (depending on time of day and exclusive to non-memory care visitors).
  • Community resting areas.
  • Well-trained staff and medical care providers in the case of an emergency.

Again, we recommend that your loved one visits between the hours of 9 and 5, as this is when the majority of our activities and events take place.

Not sure if day services are right for your loved one? Book a tour to check out our community and learn more about what we have to offer.

Activities Calendar

Ensure your loved one has access to activities he/she loves. Check and see what exciting activities we have going on this week and plan your day service schedule accordingly

Calendar of Events at Savannah Court of the Palm Beaches