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A young boy makes paper hearts with his grandmother for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Crafts Perfect to Try with Your Grandkids


Valentine’s Day is a holiday that appeals to all ages. Kids love it for the cartoon valentines, chocolate, and other candy they receive. Couples love making it a date night or the opportunity to exchange special gifts. For aging loved ones, though, the day might stir feelings of loneliness or longing if they’ve lost their lifelong partner. That’s why Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to connect younger and older generations to make the holiday something to look forward to again. Whether your loved one has grandkids of their own or can connect with friends’ children or students from a nearby school, we’ve got some perfect crafts they can try with kids.

Snowflake Hearts

Remember the satisfying simplicity of making paper snowflakes as a child? With just some paper, scissors, and a little creative snipping, you’ve quickly made some one-of-a-kind decorations. Well, it’s easy to mimic this method with colorful paper hearts! Grab some paper in red, pink, and purple, or whatever colors your heart desires. Simply fold the paper in half and cut it into a heart, and then cut some more designs to make your heart a snowflake. This short video tutorial from Parents magazine offers a great visual with easy instructions. Just remember that if you’re working with a little one, safety scissors might come in handy.

Heart Hands

Handprint crafts are perfect to try with preschool-age children, as they involve tracing or making paint handprints. Have your grandchild place their hands down flat on a piece of paper with fingers spread and the tips of their thumbs touching and the tips of their index fingers touching, creating a heart. Trace around the child’s fingers, and then cut out the tracing and decorate it, frame it, or use it for a card. Your grandchild can trace around your hands, too, for the same craft, or you can try another handprint heart project like this one.

Traditional Valentines

Maybe you can meet up with your grandkid ahead of the holiday and help them make the valentines they’ll bring to school. Or they can make special valentine cards for their mom or dad. There are plenty of fun, easy, adorable valentine cards to be made that will leave both you and your grandkid smiling. Cut out simple hearts and add funny faces with markers, googly eyes, or more paper to make valentines like these ones. Keep it simple and fold a piece of paper in half to make a card, or use these templates from Better Homes and Gardens to make the cutest valentines you’ve ever seen.

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