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Top 5 Safe Summer Activities Seniors Can Join in On


We’re just a few days away from the start of summer, so now’s the time to start planning a little summer fun. Here are a few ideas for outside activities that seniors can safely enjoy together in the sunshine.

Picnic in the Park

What better way to kick off summer than with a picnic in the park? Pack up some tasty sandwiches, make a batch of potato salad, slice up some fresh fruit, and toss in a few ice packs to keep the food cool. Bring some iced refreshments like cans of bubbly water, fruit-infused sweet tea, or some zingy lemonade.

A shady spot under the trees is the perfect place for a picnic. Setting up your spread at a picnic table is a great choice for seniors with limited mobility. Folding chairs are another simple way to help your loved one relax comfortably while at the park. Be sure to bring some sunscreen, plenty of water, a hat, and some sunglasses.


Grilling food outdoors on a warm day is a nostalgic summertime activity for your loved one to experience. Cook up veggies, chicken tender skewers, and corn on the cob for a tasty outdoor supper. Your senior will love spending time with others while chatting and eating their freshly barbecued meal. Pair the food with a cool refreshment like an Arnold Palmer, this yummy peach tea recipe, or a sparkling water with fresh berries.

Movie Night

Check your local neighborhood for any venues that host outdoor showings. This is a fun way to get out into town and enjoy some time outside. For an even simpler movie night setup, your senior can sit in the comfort of their own outdoor community space. Pair their experience with a blanket or cozy chair, snacks, and a beverage to complete the comfortable setup.

Join a Water Aerobics Class

Swimming is an excellent way to exercise for seniors. Gentle on the joints and providing muscle, heart, brain, and bone health benefits, water aerobics is a wonderful summertime activity. Exercising in the water is an easy way to help keep your loved one mobile and cool during the warmer season.

Ice Cream Social

A Mason jar ice cream bar is a fun way to safely host an ice cream social. Pre-scoop ice cream into Mason jars with lids, pop them into a cooler with ice, and serve them up. This is a helpful way to divvy up tasty treats while watching out for the summer sun melting ice cream cartons or having too many hands serving the treats. Pre-scooping the ice cream is a great way to keep the mess to a minimum and safely serve this cool summertime sweet.

With summer just around the corner, your senior has plenty of opportunities to spend time having fun out in the sun. To see more activities for your loved one to enjoy, visit our Senior Living Management blog today.

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