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Woman sits on a sofa while using a digital tablet.

Top 5 Gadgets for Seniors


Older adults are embracing technology at an increasing rate. Here are five gadgets the senior in your life is sure to love.

1. Tablets

Today’s tablets are easier to use than ever, and there’s an app out there for every imaginable interest. Apple and Samsung have impressive tablet lineups, each offering models with varying screen sizes, weights, and features. The possibilities are endless with a tablet. Your senior loved one can stay on top of their email or watch their favorite shows. They can exercise their minds with games like Lumosity, Words with Friends, or Sudoku. And, with super intuitive operating systems, it’s all a breeze.

2. Robot Vacuums

This is a great fit for anyone, really. A robot vacuum will keep your loved one’s floors spotless – with minimal effort. Who wouldn’t love that? There are so many models out there to choose from, too. No matter what kind of surface you want to keep clean or features you think your loved one might appreciate, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

3. Triby Smart Speaker

Here’s another that most anyone would appreciate. The Triby Smart Speaker a versatile smart home device that looks a lot like an old transistor radio. With a straightforward touchscreen and big buttons, it’s relatively easy to navigate the Triby’s many features. It’ll play music through its above-average speaker, work as a smart home controller, and it has Amazon Alexa built in, opening the door to a world of voice commands. If your loved one is on the savvy side when it comes to technology, give Triby a look.

4. Portable Photo Printers

Now nothing will stop your loved one from getting that stunning digital photo onto the fridge. These tiny printers are getting tinier all the time, and a competitive market means there are many to choose from! Most are easy to use – you can print right from your phone or tablet – and their size is an ideal complement to smaller living spaces. Here’s PC Magazine’s list of the best portable printers of 2019.

5. Fitbit

Fitbits are notoriously easy to use and encourage your loved one to keep moving by tracking their activity. They’re also great for friendly competition. Who can get the most steps? The Fitbit Inspire is a fun model that comes in a variety of colors and does all those standard Fitbit things we’ve grown to love – it tracks activity, offers encouragement to get out and move, celebrates fitness goals, and more.

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