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The Anatomy of Gratitude


The Anatomy of Gratitude

The word “gratitude” rhymes with “attitude” and comes from the Latin word “gratus,” which means “thankful, pleasing.”

There are many ways we can show our gratitude for others and the kindness they’ve shown us- from a simple “thank you” to a thoughtful gift, to returning the favor and/or paying the kindness forward. This external expression of thankfulness can bring great joy, especially during the holidays.

Then there’s the internal feelings of gratitude- those feelings of contentment that warm us to the core, keeping us on our path to happiness. Gratitude is what we feel when we stop and look around during a gathering of family and friends, recognizing our important place among these people we cherish. These are the people that have helped shape who we are, and what we believe. These are the people that hold our hearts through good and bad, year after year. Thus the expression, “I am grateful for my family.”

We feel gratitude in moments of solitude, when we consider our place amid the expansiveness of nature; standing next to a majestic redwood or while gazing out across the ocean, admiring its endless possibility.

Gratitude shines in the tiniest and simplest of moments. When we have an attitude of gratitude, our days begin and end with purpose and we can’t help but gather up more of it with each person we meet, and each task we complete.

At Senior Living Management, we are truly grateful for our residents, our staff, and all those we are proud to call “family.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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