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Spread the Love in Senior Living on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day might be just another day to many people, but for others, it can be a day of celebration- or a day that sparks sadness from losing a loved one. For seniors in assisted living and assisted care, Valentine’s Day can prove a great opportunity for reflecting on tales of love from the past, and sharing the love in the present.

No matter what the occasion- everyone enjoys a little extra attention. This Valentine’s Day, consider visiting your loved ones to share some of the stories and highlights of how their love helped to shape your life.

Here’s a few fun ideas to share the love on Valentine’s Day:

  • Invite family and friends to share in a storytelling circle. Ask participants to prepare a short 5 or 10-minute story about how your loved one impacted their life. Or, catch them up on some new, juicy details of a new love or addition to the family.
  • Prepare a photo collage of some great moments shared by family and friends and put it in a decorative frame.
  • Do some crafts together and make Valentine’s Day cards for the entire family. Keep it simple and enjoy the laughs, along with the creativity.
  • Prepare a decorative memory box and include items that spark fond memories including photos, jewelry, state flowers, and love poems.
  • Find some funny gifts and heart shaped candies that will bring the smiles.
  • Play the “What do you Love?” game with family, friends, and co-residents and list what this person loves the most. First, interview your loved one to determine their favorites. Start with simple categories including favorite food, song, movie, and color. Once you have your master list, let the games begin. Whomever has the most checked off the list, wins!

The most important thing to consider on Valentine’s Day, and every day, is that we express how much we mean to one another. That alone, is always a reason to celebrate.

Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Senior Living Management

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