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SLM Communities are Best of the Best 2017 with SeniorAdvisor.com


Award-Winning Senior Care from SLM

We are excited to announce that seven of our communities have been awarded "Best of the Best 2017" by SeniorAdvisor.com. These communities are Savannah Court of Brandon, Savannah Court of Lakeland, Savannah Court of St. Cloud, Savannah Cottage of Lakeland, Savannah Grand of West Monroe, Savannah Grand of Sarasota, and Hibiscus Court.

About the Award

A Message from SeniorAdvisor.com

Every year SeniorAdvisor.com evaluates more than 100,000 reviews to find the best of the best. To be more specific, we honor only the top 1% of all communities nationwide. These awards come directly from the reviews submitted by families and residents who live in and frequent these communities. The SeniorAdvisor.com Best of 2017 awards are designed to help the communities as well as families trying to find the best care for their loved ones.

As a community, this prestigious award allows you to showcase how wonderful your community is. The best part is that this is not just you telling families how great you are, but other families and residents are doing it on your behalf.

As a family looking for a place for your loved one, these awards allow you to pinpoint the best options in your area of interest. Again, the Best of 2017 Award is given based on the feedback from families that know it best, allowing you to have confidence that these communities really earned their status as one of the best in the country. 

Contact Senior Living Management to learn more about quality senior care in your area. 

Savannah Court of Brandon Best of 2017Savannah Grand of West Monroe Best of 2017Hibiscus Court Best of 2017Savannah Cottage of Lakeland Best of 2017Savannah Court of Lakeland Best of 2017Savannah Court of St. Cloud Best of 2017Savannah Grand of Sarasota Best of 2017

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