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Signs It's Time to Talk About Assisted Living


The time has come. Your aging loved one is experiencing changes both mentally and physically, and you must decide whether or not to move them to an assisted living community. You may know in your heart what the right decision is, but here are a few telltale signs that it may be time to make the transition.

Physical Traits

Inattention to personal care can be one of the first signs that something isn't right. If your loved one is not taking care of themselves as they once were - they look unkempt, they aren't bathing, they're wearing dirty clothes - they may need general assistance and daily reminders.

In addition to personal care, if you notice physical changes such as worsening mobility, a likeliness to fall or have accidents, or have difficulty in other situations like climbing stairs, getting up and sitting down, or handling everyday tasks like cooking, it's time to bring in extra assistance. Preventing these kinds of accidents could save your loved one from serious injury.

Personality Changes

Slowing down in your older age is one thing, but if your loved one begins to withdraw from social situations, does not communicate feelings and emotions, and generally seems disengaged from things they once loved to do, it's time to talk to them. If not addressed, feelings of depression and isolation can become unmanageable.
If your loved one is having trouble making sound decisions, is increasingly confused, or needs reminders for basic tasks, that is a big sign assisted living might be beneficial.

Changing Relationships

If your relationship with your loved one is becoming strained because of the stress of their cognitive decline, it may be time to have someone else step in and take over responsibilities. It's common for people with Alzheimer's to experience agitation or confusion later in the day. This is known as "sundown syndrome," and it can take a major toll on families. If the caregiving burden is becoming too difficult and has affected a previously loving relationship, look to assisted living to step in and help.

When the Time Has Come

If you've determined your aging loved one would benefit from assisted living, Senior Living Management is here to provide a loving and caring environment that enhances their skills and nurtures their wellbeing. Offering independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing across Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana, we can help manage the care of your aging loved one, so you can truly enjoy every moment you spend with them.

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