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Senior Living and Creativity


While everyone might not be the next Martha Stewart, arts, crafts, and creativity have long been considered therapeutic. For seniors, creative endeavors can provide a sense of pride and purpose, while stimulating the mind.

In the early years, many people are busy juggling family and career responsibilities, with little time left over for creativity and personal interests. As one ages and responsibilities lessen, seniors can feel anxious with so much time on their hands.

At Senior Living Management, we believe in aging well, and aging with purpose. Participating in arts and crafts can help alleviate anxiety, depression and boredom, as well as increased health benefits in hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Recently, Savannah Court of Camilla in Camilla, Georgia, hosted Gardening Day. Residents painted and decorated flower pots for their apartments. After they finished their crafts, it looked like a garden center, full of brightly colored pots and flowers. What a way to express creativity and celebrate life. We at Senior Living Management wish you blossoms of joy this summer. Live well!

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