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Peninsula Residents Exercise Right To Vote


Residents of The Peninsula, anassisted living and memory support community in Hollywood, had the opportunity to register to vote this past month.


On Tuesday, September 16, the community hosted a representative from Supervisor Board of Elections to assist any residents wishing to vote in the upcoming election in November. “Our residents can register to vote as well as change their address now that they live at The Peninsula. Any employees can also take advantage of this convenience,” said Michelle Hertz, resident programming coordinator.

Many of our residents want to participate by voting in the election and may not have had this opportunity where they were previously living. They lacked assistance to go to the polls or have help with absentee ballots. Here at The Peninsula, our transportation service will provide transportation to the polls and there is assistance with absentee ballots.

By having assistance from the Board of Elections, residents can elect to vote by absentee ballots as well as plan for large print and audio versions of the ballot.

“Our residents don’t want to lose out on their years of wisdom and experience in casting their ballot. They want to make sure their votes are counted and voting is one of the dearest rights we have as Americans. They feel particularly passionate about elections,” she added.

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