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Peninsula Lifestyle Perfect For Crafters


March celebrates National Craft Month and recognizes the many people who craft while encouraging people of all ages to take up crafting.

“At The Peninsula, crafting is greatly enjoyed by our residents.  Our assisted living residents do crafting projects on most Saturdays while in our “Garden” area for memory support,  crafts are done many days of the week,” said Michelle A. Hertz, resident programming director.

“Each month our craft projects vary.  Many times they are geared to a holiday that occurs during the month.  For example, this month we have a great theme for St. Patrick’s Day and we certainly will be crafting something for our holiday party at The Peninsula,” she added.

There are many mental and physical benefits of crafting.  Studies show that when crafting, people seem to forget about their worries, aches and pains.  It’s a key reason why crafting is excellent for mental and emotional health. Some experts equate that the benefits of crafting are much like meditation.  When people become absorbed in their project, they become more relaxed.  Getting creative boosts, brain health and happiness and crafting may be a natural antidepressant.

It’s also found that regardless of age, cognitive decline can be reversed by engaging in a hobby you love.  The mental activity of crafting helps the brain make new neurons in response to mental activity. It’s also good to play no matter what your age and crafting offer this vehicle for adult playtime.

“We find when our residents come together for a craft project, there’s laughter around the table.  Everyone seems more relaxed and less stressed.  We seem to strengthen the relationships residents have with each other.  People get to know each other better,” said Michelle. “There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment when residents take home a completed project. They have greater self-esteem and pride in being able to show what they have created.”

When a family is considering an assisted living community for their loved one, be sure to look over the activity calendar and make sure there are crafting opportunities. It’s important for self-expression and has vital benefits.

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