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“Mom” is Still Mom, Caregiver Transitions in Senior Living


The day we were born marks a time in history that can never be repeated, even if you’re a twin. That millisecond in time when you took your first breath- when Mom delivered you into the world, is a moment that’s reserved in your shared personal histories forever. For the adoptive mother- it might be that first shared moment in each other’s presence that begins the mother-child journey. And while the details of the occasion might have become fuzzy over the years, you can bet Mom still appreciates celebrating her amazing accomplishment of guiding you through the world.

Mother-child relationships are so multifaceted and such a delicate, intricate balance of trial and error, it’s a wonder we all live through it. Between the giant responsibility of simply keeping us alive during the everything-in-the-mouth toddler years, and the I-know-everything-teen years, there’s no denying that Motherhood is the toughest job on the planet.

Mothers hold a special, powerful place in our hearts as our caregivers. We’re always going to be their child, and they’ll always be our mother, even as Mom ages and caregiver roles begin to reverse- Mom is still…Mom!

Nature, our bodies, our family structure, life in general- are always in some form of transition. Our mother-child relationship is no different. As Mom ages, and physical and emotional changes begin to manifest, the mother-child relationship adjusts and transitions with it. Because in the scheme of things, love is at the helm of all caregiving, regardless of what role we happen to be playing at the time. From toddler to teen, to adult child and parental caretaker, Mom is still Mom, and love is always the common denominator.

We at Senior Living Management wish all the wonderful mothers and their children a very happy Mother’s Day!

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