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Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts for the Seniors In Your Life


More than likely, your mom isn't looking to accumulate more things. But meaningful gifts, those that are more about the intention and thought behind them than the item itself, would be a welcome option this Mother’s Day. Think about the moments you’ve shared with your mother or loved one and come up with a gift idea that reflects those times. Or consider the parts of her life that are difficult and she’d like some help with and lend a hand. We hope the following suggestions spur your imagination as you try to come up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Scrapbook or Photo Book of Times Together

Seniors love to look at photos and reminisce. This type of thing never gets old, and that’s why it makes an ideal gift. If you shared a particular moment in time together or took a memorable trip, be it recent or a while ago, gather those photos and organize them in a purse-size photo book. To add a little more creativity, try Michael’s Craft Store or Hobby Lobby for scrapbook supplies like embellishments, colorful papers, and ink stamps.

Photo Display on TV or Computer

Smart TVs, computers, and hand-held devices offer the option to load photos and show them as rotating wallpaper on the screen. For your senior loved one, this may be a difficult task to take on alone, but you can upload some of her favorite photos of family and friends so she can see them throughout the day. There’s nothing like family photos to bring a smile to her face, especially on Mother’s Day.

Meal Delivery Service

Cooking can become a dreaded and sometimes difficult task for a senior. To help ease this burden, an appropriate and welcomed gift might be a subscription to a regular meal delivery service for a period of time. Check out services like GA Foods and Schwan’s to find out if they deliver in your loved one’s area and then choose her favorite foods for Mother’s Day, or make it a Mother’s Week, or even a month!

A Day of Service

For seniors, many tasks that were once easy can seem impossible. This is the perfect time for you to step in. Talk with her about the tasks she’s had a hard time finishing or even starting – hanging or framing pictures, organizing her closet or photos, writing letters or emails, or cleaning. If your mother is someone who appreciates help, a day of service just might be the perfect gift for her.

Social Media Tutorial

Even an independent or younger senior can have difficulty with today’s technology – phones, iPads, laptops. Finding a service or class that helps your loved one master her device would offer up so much peace of mind. If she lives nearby, you might consider doing it yourself, or maybe even print out the steps so they are at hand for easy reference.

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