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Maximizing the Holidays with Your Parents


Everyone at The Peninsula would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

It’s the perfect time of year for families to come together to assess how loved ones are coping in their current living situation. An adult child who hasn’t seen mom and dad for several months or longer may discover that while their parents have been saying they are “doing fine”; it isn’t the case.

Realizing that a family member should not be living alone is very difficult but critical to ensuring their safety and well being.

At The Peninsula, we often meet with family members during the holidays to discuss alternatives to their loved ones’ living situation.

Here are a few areas to focus on during a visit:

At home:

  • Make sure it is safe and not in need of repairs.

  • Does shrubbery need trimming?

  • Are walkways well lighted?

  • Is the garage door opener working as well as outside lights?

  • Does home need increased security lighting and motion lighting?

  • Is someone helping with trash removal?

  • Can they safely come and go? If there are steps leading to the house, is a ramp needed or improved access with railings for safety?

  • Do they need help with home cleaning and changing bed linen?

  • Can they handle laundry?

Their overall well being:

  • Do they seem to be eating regularly and have nutritional meals?

  • Are they well groomed, clean and appropriately dressed?

  • Are they enthusiastic or depressed saying they stay in bed all day without purpose?

  • Is food spoiled in the refrigerator or forgotten on the stove or countertop?

  • Do they forget appointments?

  • Is it safe for them to continue driving or should their keys be retired?

  • Do they forget where they are going?

  • Are they isolated without purpose in their day?

There are many indicators that managing a home has become much more of a burden then it was when you last visited. Changes can be gradual or happen more quickly. It varies with every individual.

There are also different levels of care—from a few hours of in-home assistance to assisted living communities such as The Peninsula which offer daily assistance and meals, housekeeping, activities and transportation and 24/7 onsite staff.

The Peninsula offers a wealth of resources. If you need to discuss your family situation, our doors are always open. We understand how challenging caregiving may become and work together with families to find the best solution.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

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