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Making Meaningful Connections in Assisted Living


Making Meaningful Connections in Assisted Living

Meaningful connections to our lives, family, and friends are part of what make each of us unique, fulfilled individuals. It’s about having roots, a home base, and networks of caring loved ones who fill our memories and help us make new ones. While it was once thought that moving from a private home to an Assisted Living community meant sacrificing these connections, today we know that Assisted Living means not just help with daily care, but a whole new community to enjoy and a host of fresh opportunities to learn new skills which help strengthen, and even rebuild, our meaningful connections to our deepest, most beloved roots.


This week, we at Senior Living Management (SLM) are excited to celebrate National Assisted Living Week 2016, from September 11-17. According to NCAL Executive Director, Scott Tittle, this year’s theme of Keep Connected “recognizes the expanding and exciting opportunities technology offers to residents and staff alike in our nation’s Assisted Living communities.” Whether keeping in contact with your children and grandkids or looking at an interactive map of your childhood home, the addition of technology education opens the lines to communication with anyone and anything from around the world. This means connecting with our families, our pasts, and the people and places which have helped define our lives so far.

What is Assisted Living?

Long-term Assisted Living is an opportunity to live as independently as possible while still receiving the daily care and services you need for optimal health and emotional wellbeing. It means community, camaraderie, and companionship. It’s an opportunity to connect, reconnect, and stay connected. It’s about living life to its very fullest every day.

Common Services and Amenities of Assisted Living Include:

  • Hand-prepared meals designed to accommodate unique diets
  • Community events for fun, recreation, and learning
  • Medication, bathing, and dressing assistance
  • Housekeeping assistance and transportation services
  • 24-hour access to attentive senior-care professionals
  • Private suites for a balance of both care and independence
  • Robust community spaces filled with good friends and sincere laughter

SLM invites you to discover the value of meaningful connections and caring spaces designed just for seniors.

Happy National Assisted Living Week!

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