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Lemon and mint drinks in glass jars on a wooden tray.

Make Hydration Fun with These 6 Delicious Mocktails


Summer is just around the corner and the spring produce selection is in full swing. From bright berries to sweet pomes, you can incorporate fresh seasonal fruit, spices, herbs, and extracts into refreshing mocktail recipes. With all the hydration and zero alcohol, you or your loved one will love sipping on these tasty drinks. Keep reading to learn how to create six fun, thirst-quenching beverages.

The Classics

Whip up our vodka-less spritzer with some sparkling water, ice, and fresh berries – blueberries are a great combination, but you can add the fresh fruit of your preference. This timeless beverage is not only low in calories, but quite hydrating. Carbonated water is also a great swap if you or your loved one enjoy soda-like drinks, but want to forgo the processed carbohydrates and additives.

The mojito is another classic go-to drink because of its refreshing, crisp taste. In our version, swap out the lime for lemon and the mint with basil for a new take on this alcohol-less beverage. You can add the sliced lemon and a few basil leaves directly into bubbly water or gently muddle them in a bowl and then add the blend into the glass.

Citrus & Berries

Try this light combination of tart and sweet with our blackberry lime mocktail. In a small drink glass, fill halfway with filtered water, squeeze in half of a lime, and add a teaspoon of granulated sugar or simple syrup (add more if you like it very sweet). Finish this blend by adding in four to six blackberries. You can let them float in your drink, spear them with a toothpick as a pretty garnish, or mash them to add a bolder blackberry flavor.

Another refreshing citrus recipe to help you gear up for summertime and boost hydration, is a raspberry lemonade mocktail. In a tall glass filled with ice, pour in filtered water leaving about an inch of space from the rim, add in sliced lemon, pop in a few raspberries, and top with a sprig of mint leaf. For a zesty option, squeeze half of a lemon into a bowl, mash together the mint and raspberries into the lemon juice, add all parts into the glass, then scoop in some ice, and pour in filtered or carbonated water.

More Flavor

Who doesn’t love a mai tai? Create this bright and sweet tropical-inspired drink with just a few different fruit juices. Fill a glass halfway with ice, pour in ⅓ orange juice, ⅓ pineapple juice, and ⅓ coconut water. Throw in a slice of orange or a piece of fresh pineapple for an attractive garnish and extra flavor. Just be sure to watch the sugar content of the juice as that can slow hydration due to increased blood sugar, especially if you or your loved one is at risk of or has diabetes.

For a unique drink recipe, try our flavor-packed Pear Martini. In a small glass, add some ice and fill ¾ of the way with club soda. Add in 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a light splash of vanilla extract. For a fancy garnish, top with a sprig of thyme.

Staying hydrated is easy with our delicious, colorful beverage ideas. Pick a mocktail, pull together your ingredients, and get started! Any one of these lovely refreshments takes just a few minutes for you or your loved one to serve up. Looking for more lifestyle, diet, and recipe ideas? Visit our Senior Living Management Blog page.

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