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Honoring Communities of Faith in Senior Living


At Home and In Faith

Early this month, late in the afternoon, an intimate gathering was hosted by the Jewish Pavilion at Savannah Count in Oviedo. There, Women of Faith gathered around the simple and beautifully adorned table to usher in and welcome the Sabbath. Prayers were recited over the candles, wine, and challah bread. All shared stories of their faith and expressed their gratitude. Upon conclusion, hands touched hands and all the Women of Faith felt the depth of our connection. The sacred space that was lovingly created was peaceful and powerful. It truly was a blessing. 

Powerful moments like these forge meaningful connections which allow all of us to feel a part of something meaningful, something comforting and familiar. Senior Living Management communities are proud to facilitate spaces for members of all faiths to come together and build community while honoring the traditions which bring us joy.

Faith and AgingJewish Ceremony

In an interview with OPB, Reverend Jennifer L. Brower explains that “the experience of moving into and through different developmental phases affects the spirit and therefore one's spiritual life” (Brower: OPB 2006). Providing details on how changes in our lives can transform our relationships to faith and our beliefs, Brower explores the questions and thoughts which may come with the aging process, including stages of bereavement, searching for purpose, changing abilities, and the nature of God, living, and death. She also discusses her personal perspectives on faith and aging, as well as personal experiences pertinent to the discussion.

Read the full article here.

Respect and Inclusion

In order to provide a healthy community for a diverse range of faiths, SLM promotes an atmosphere of respect and inclusion. We respect each of our residents as whole beings with a breadth of needs, which may include spiritual practices and worship. This respect means a welcoming environment in which residents may build communities of faith within the greater community. By leading with the example of respect for one another, we encourage residents to engage with their faith as individuals and in groups as a way to honor individuality and tradition.

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