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Happy New Year! My New Year’s Resolution for 2015 by Susan Hernandez, Associate Executive Director.


The New Year offers us a fresh slate — an opportunity to reflect on what we accomplished in 2014, and an assessment of what remains to be accomplished in order to lead happy, balanced and productive lives.  This holds true whether you are an independent senior, the spouse of a senior, or an adult child planning on behalf of your parent.

Did you know that according to BrainStatistic, 31 percent of New Year’s resolutions are relationship related? The year 2015 may be the time to make a resolution — as an individual or as a family — to actively explore if it is time to transition an aging loved one into an assisted living community.

While sometimes challenging for families to discuss such life transitions, it doesn’t have to be so hard if done in a fun, step-by-step way.  As a possible first step consider having lunch with your parent at an assisted living community.  Or, attend a social activity together to get a feel for the amenities offered and a feel for community’s culture. Meet some of the management, and talk to the residents.

It is helpful to remember that senior living is a lifestyle choice for individuals seeking an independent lifestyle with as much assistance as they need or want, according to The Assisted Living Federation of America.  “The settings are much like our own homes, but with the advantage of meals and entertainment, housekeeping, transportation and assistance with daily activities,” says the organization.

So take advantage of the onset of 2015 and make a resolution to actively explore assisted living communities.  Telltale signs that it may be time to do so include if your loved one is struggling with personal care, household cleaning, making meals, managing finances, and driving. Vow to have the conversations you may have been putting off.

Taking a first step towards what needs to addressed can be empowering for both you and your loved one — and may even bring you closer together.

To schedule a lunch appointment for you and your loved one at The Peninsula, please contact (954) 399-5997.

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