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Senior woman dressed as fortune teller for Halloween looks into crystal ball.

Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Seniors


Halloween is that great time of year when we all get to tap into our inner child and live out our favorite characters. At Senior Living Management, we love seeing everyone’s fantastic Halloween costumes and the fun they’re having. If you’re feeling stuck for an idea, you’ll be happy to know that when it comes to Halloween costumes, seniors have some pretty great choices. Here are our top five ideas for Halloween costumes for seniors during this spooky season. 

1. Gandalf the Grey 

When it comes to being the best wizard of all the realms, there’s no one better than Gandalf the Grey from “Lord of the Rings.” All you have to do is find your longest gray beard, gray cloak, and his signature curled hat to transform yourself into the leader of the Fellowship of the Ring. 

2. Popeye & Olive Oyl

For a classic his and her costume, look no further than the spinach-loving sailor Popeye and his gal Olive Oyl. The soon-to-be Popeye just has to throw on his best sailor outfit and grab a can of spinach, while Olive Oyl needs a shin-length skirt, red top, and brown boots. Fun fact about Olive Oyl – she was a character in a newspaper comic strip, ”Thimble Theatre,“ for 10 years before the introduction of Popeye. 

3. Fortune Teller

For a Halloween costume that comes with a night’s worth of mystical fun, what better option than a fortune teller? For the gents to transform into a fortune teller, channel your inner pirate with flowy garb and waistcoat. Finish off the look with a headscarf and a pack of tarot cards – bonus points for an eccentric mustache drawn or grown. For a woman fortune teller, go for a bohemian look with flowy clothing, lots of jewelry, and a headscarf. To really bring the ensemble together, carry a fortune teller's ball, called an orbuculum.  

4. The Dynamos from “Mamma Mia 2”

Who doesn’t love an on-trend group costume idea? Get your gal pals together to become Donna and the Dynamos from recently released “Mamma Mia 2.” If you’re feeling retro, you can go for the full-denim getup the group wore in one scene. If glitz and glamor is more up your alley, go for their blue sparkle bell-bottom look. Either way, make sure you have a microphone in hand and get ready for a night of singing ABBA with your besties. 

5. Mister Rogers

With the recent release of the Mister Rogers film, ”Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” this costume is not only very relevant but also an incredibly easy one to pull off. All you need is a red cardigan, shirt and tie, and a pair of comfy Keds. If you want to go the extra mile, find a hand puppet to make the costume really come together.

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