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Get Crafty with These Holiday Gifts for Seniors


Finding the perfect gift for your loved one isn’t always easy. While nice smelling soaps and candles can make great gifts, if your loved one has received a number of these throughout the years, their bathroom or kitchen cupboards may be reaching full capacity. The same goes for other senior-friendly knick-knacks like customized stationery, thick winter socks, and bath bombs. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a variety of unique homemade gift options designed to please the senior in your life.

Cookie Mix in a Jar

While this gift does require some work on the receiver’s part, it makes it easy for your loved one to enjoy a holiday treat after everyone’s gone home and all the other confections have been eaten. All your loved one needs to do is combine these pre-measured ingredients with a few household staples, drop dollaps of the batter on a pan, and place them in their preheated oven. Soon enough, their home will be filled with the smell of fresh-baked cookies and they’ll be tearing apart a gooey sweet treat.

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

This gift is as easy as a trip to the craft store, with the result being a really cool receptacle for your loved one’s daily jewelry, car keys, or pocket change. This gift takes a little more effort than the last option, but the results are spectacular. Older children and grandchildren may also enjoy taking part in this activity.

Sweet & Savory Compound Butters

Another belly-oriented option. But you can rarely go wrong with butter, and flavored butter is even better. Butter combined with flavors like berries, honey, and maple syrup are delicious on muffins and more, while savory options like garlic and parmesan are delectable on a warm baguette or a baked potato. Want to take your compound butter game to the next level? Give the mesmerizing gift of salted caramel compound butter – the perfect spread for the cookie-lover in your life. A great way to give this special gift is in hand-decorated jars.

Organic Cat Treats

Chances are, even the person who has everything doesn’t have a cat who already has these delicious handmade treats. Packed with scrumptious chicken and catnip, they also contain healthy spinach, eggs, flour, and oats. And that’s it. Once they’re cool, pack them into a personalized jar, and get ready to make one lucky feline’s day. Purrr-fection!

We hope this guide to the ultimate holiday DIY gift gives you an idea or two on how to show your loved one how much you care. For more tips on helping your loved one get the most out of the holidays, visit the Senior Living Management blog.

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