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Forget Me Not on Grandparents Day. . .


Forget-me-not flowers herald a special day on our calendar.

Each year, the first Sunday after Labor Day marks the annual celebration of “Grandparents Day” that just fell on Sunday, September 7.

Interestingly, this special day has more than one origin. Some consider it first proposed in the 1970s when a nephew visited his aunt in an Atlanta nursing home, then spent $11,000 and made 17 trips over 17 years to Washington, D. C., asking legislators to recognize the occasion.

However, most attribute the event to Marian McQuade, a West Virginia housewife who wanted to educate people about the important contributions of seniors while urging younger adults without living forebears to adopt a grandparent for a lifetime experience.

In 1978, “Grandparents Day” was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter who personally telephoned Ms. McQuade from the White House letting her know the yearly observance was now official.

While our residents’ telephones rang throughout the weekend, we hosted many family members at The Peninsula where serving seniors (grandparents or not) is our pleasure.

Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near-past, to events, beliefs and experiences that indelibly affect our lives. Whether our own or adopted, they fill gaps in a mobile society that provide a lifelong links to family and time-honored traditions.

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