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Finding the Right Community for Senior Couples


Senior couples are more likely to thrive if they can remain together as they age. Communities like Senior Living Management understand that accommodating couples is reassuring for both the couple and their loved ones. Read on to see the benefits for couples moving into a senior living community together.

Continuing Life Together

Couples who have lived together for many years have formed a bond that makes living apart difficult and can trigger health issues like depression. Through senior living housing, it’s possible for them to age together. They can continue the bond that they’ve been forming all their lives into their later years versus one going into a senior community and the other remaining in the home. This eases the transition to senior living housing – they can support each other as they leave their longtime home and move to Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care.

Aging Options

Senior Living Management offers a spectrum of care levels, allowing your loved ones with different health care needs to be taken care of in the same community. One parent might be in need of Assisted Living, while the other requires Memory Care because of a dementia-related disease. This allows couples to live in the same community but age at their own pace as their life’s journey progresses. They’ll still see each other daily and maintain their relationship in a manner they might not have if they continued aging in place. For the caregiver or loved one, stress and worry is reduced because the couple is in one place, there is professionally trained staff on hand, and their safety is of utmost importance at all times.

Easy Access for Everyone

As a family member or former caregiver, regular visits are easier if your loved ones are living together. There’s no need to visit two different places, and it reduces the need for a driver to pick up one loved one to join the other for a doctor visit or another scheduled appointment. It can also reduce your need to check in as often as you used to given the increased safety in a senior community as well as the professionally trained staff on hand.

Access to Engaging Social Opportunities

For a couple, it’s important that there are activities and amenities specific to each of them. Most senior communities offer a large variety of engaging activities, day trips, games, and clubs. A man might prefer a coffee hour with his new neighbors and friends, while his wife might enjoy a book club or a shopping trip to the local mall. At each level, the activities change and are appropriate for that care level.

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