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Celebrating Father’s Day


Celebrating Father’s Day is like celebrating the sun: it’s an everyday thing. But as tradition would have it, there’s an official calendar day to honor Dad, and in the senior living arena, that celebration includes connecting with loved ones, and sharing cherished memories.

Holidays can be tricky for seniors, full of memories that span a lifetime, fraught with emotions that can be overwhelming. Understanding, and being sensitive to these heightened emotions helps lay the foundation for a memorable, happy occasion.

Fathers hold such a powerful role in our lives by showing up in a myriad of ways- from career mentor to baseball coach, financial advisor to Grill Master. They also hold the special, honored position of knowing us like no one else does. So as this Father’s Day approaches, why not take a moment to craft a special “thank you” for all those moments he said the right thing, did the right thing, showed up at the game or play to cheer you on, or gave you a hug just when you thought you were too grown up to need that hug.

This Father’s Day is a good day to build another memory. Gather the family, the fun-filled photos, and the family traditions and celebrate this amazing person in your life called “Dad.”

We at Senior Living Management wish you a very happy and joyous Father’s Day.

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