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A Better Understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease


Evolved Alzheimer's Education 

Providing proper care, compassion, and encouragement for those living with Alzheimer ’s disease is among the most challenging aspects of health care. Family members and caregivers often struggle to understand the severity of debilitation experienced by those living with the disease, often resulting in frustration and anger for both individuals. In order to help family members, caregivers, and even first responders better understand what these once self-reliant adults experience on a day-to-day basis, geriatric specialist and founder of Second Wind Dreams, P.K. Beville, M.S., has developed a Virtual Dementia Tour which allows individuals to experience the effects of dementia first hand.

About the Tour

Participants are first equipped with a series of devices meant to simulate the physical effects of dementia, including shoe inserts and taped fingers mimicking the limited movement and dexterity associated with arthritis, ocular-deterioration goggles, and headphones which play the constant chatter reportedly experienced by many dementia patients. They are then assigned a series of simple tasks, such as retrieving a certain item or clearing a dining table. Almost immediately, participants begin to resemble the movements, speech, and actions of individuals with Alzheimer’s. From this experience, participants report a greater understanding and evolved sense of compassion for those who suffer from dementia.

SLM Teams in Action

Recently, the team at Hibiscus Court Melbourne took on this challenging experience in order to advance their caregiving skills for residents of the memory care community. These dedicated senior care professionals walked away with a better understanding of what it means to live with the debilitating effects of dementia on a daily basis.

Fighting for Better Tomorrows

In addition to joining in the movement for better education, SLM teams are joining the fight against Alzheimer’s. The Savannah Team of Polk County, Savanah Court of Bartow, Haines City, Lake Wales, Lakeland, and Savannah Cottage of Lakeland, participated in the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, October 22. Participating teams raised $114,028.96 which will serve to advance ongoing research to understand and end Alzheimer’s.

If someone you love is struggling with the effects of Alzheimer’s or other dementia, Senior Living Management can help. Contact the location nearest you for more information.

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