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5 Ways to Enjoy the Springtime


Spring is always a good time to start something new, try something you always wanted to, or go back to that project you left behind. With the warmer temperatures, the sunnier days, and the flowers blooming, you can wake up every day to a new adventures. Here are five ways our staff and residents at Senior Living Management enjoy their springtime:

Start Your Own Garden

Add color and life to your outdoor space with a new garden. It doesn’t matter how much or how little room you have, you can always find something interesting to grow. Try different herbs like basil, cilantro, lavender, mint, or parsley, or bigger vegetables such as squashes, onions, potatoes, garlic, or peas. Choose to grow herbs that you cook with every day, or try your hand at an herb you’ve never used before. Start your own garden, and soon, it’ll grow on you.

Get Outside

Spring is the ideal time to get in touch with nature. Whether you go camping for a couple of nights or just head outside for a picnic, get out and make the most of it. Go for a hike, fly a kite, go fishing, or even take a dip into a lake or river. Show off your grilling skills with a stunning barbecue for your friends and family in a nearby park, or enjoy a meal on the patio of your favorite restaurant.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

No matter if you live in a city or the mountains, you can always get to know your town a little more. Go out for a treat to that new place around the corner you’ve been wanting to check out, attend a fun community event around your place, or go visit the newest exhibit in your favorite museum. Enjoy the live music at the park or have a nice dinner at your go-to restaurant with your loved ones.

Try a New Sport

It’s always a great time to discover a new sport you love. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it, what matters is how much you enjoy it! With time, you’ll get better. With the warmer temperatures and blue skies, you can get out and try a new sport with your friends. Try your first yoga class, swim in your community pool, play some badminton on an outdoor court, or shake your body in a Zumba lesson. Spread your wings in spring and expand your comfort zone.


Birdwatching sounds relaxing, but it can actually be really exciting! Go to your community library, check out a book, and learn about the nature that surrounds you. You’ll be surprised how many different birds nestle in that tree outside your home. Set out a birdhouse in your backyard and be surprised every day by the different sights and sounds that come with your new neighbors. Maybe it’s time for you to learn more about that bird that doesn’t let you sleep at night. Birdwatching can be a fun and educational activity for the whole family, especially the grandkids.

We love the springtime and hope you love it too. Our residents at Senior Living Management and their caregivers love spending time outdoors as the weather gets nicer and the days get longer. Let us know your favorite spring activity!

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