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3 Easy, No-Cost DIY Costumes You Can Make at Home!


Halloween is almost here, and unless you’ve already spent the time and money to put together your perfect costume, you’re probably trying to come up with an easy, last-minute costume idea to help you celebrate the fall season. That’s why we’ve created a list of our top-3 favorite DIY costumes that you can make out of your own closet! Give one of these simple costume ideas for adults a try and save your energy for enjoying a good time with friends and family.

#1 Cowboy or Cowgirl

What you need:

  • Jeans, a button-down shirt, and a bandana or scrap of fabric

Bonus items:

  • Cowboy hat and cowboy boots, sheriff’s badge, toy pistol

How to put it all together:

This one is pretty easy, a comfortable pair of jeans and a button-down shirt with a bandana around your neck is all you really need to pull off this effortless costume. But if you have a nice pair of boots or a hat, even better! Bonus points if you make a toy pistol or badge (depending on which side of the law you want to be on) out of paper, cardboard, or any other material you have lying around.

#2 Twins

What you need:

  • A willing partner and similar hats, shirts, or other clothing items

Bonus items:

  • Name tags with rhyming names

How to put it all together:

All you have to do to pull off a fun twin costume is find a partner and wear similar outfits. You can even make your matching pieces from your own craft supplies, like decorating a simple hat with matching flowers or other accents. The rhyming name part can be super fun too, like Mike and Ike, Jen and Jan, or even the same name spelled differently, like Terry and Teri. Just have fun with it!

#3 King or Queen

What you need:

  • Your Sunday best and a homemade crown

Bonus items:

  • Homemade scepter and cape, lots of jewelry

How to put it all together:

This one is a littler dressier, but it’s a good opportunity to wear your favorite fancy clothes and some fun accessories. Just fashion a homemade crown out of paper, cardboard, or even pipe cleaners if you have them, and then put on your nicest outfit and all the jewelry you want to look lavish. And if you have the time and resources to make a scepter or fashion a cape from your wardrobe, go for it! You’ll be feeling royally festive in no time!

Halloween is a great time to visit your friends and family this fall. If your loved one lives in a Senior Living Management community, you’re always welcome to join in the fun. Check out the activities calendar at their community to learn more.

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