Personalized Rehab Care Services

Savannah Cove of the Palm Beaches recognizes every person is unique in their needs and desires. That is how and why we developed our Interdisciplinary Care Program.

It is our goal to offer a full spectrum of services that will identify and address every unique requirement while always promoting patient independence and dignity. The insightful information in the Interdisciplinary Care Program allows Savannah Cove of the Palm Beaches to identify the needs of each patient and create a personal service plan. This plan is designed so that each patient is appropriately served, reflecting the varying degree of support necessary. The Interdisciplinary Care Program is reviewed with every patient and their family or responsible person.

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Personal Care Services

Interdisciplinary Care Program (ICP)

  • ICP Identifies patient care needs
  • ICP Provides a patient-centered plan of treatment through a dynamic process of decision making based on data derived through a comprehensive assessment
  • ICP Develops strategies to meet identifiable needs by establishing goals, objectives, and interventions
  • ICP Creates the healthy transition of a patient through the continuum of care in a seamless, safe and effective way
  • ICP Process documentation of the patient progress in meeting goals and objectives for follow up and re-assessment

Your Savannah Cove of the Palm Beaches community of professionals will be glad to review the Interdisciplinary Care Program with you and answer any questions you may have.