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“Had to give up tennis,” complained one of our residents. “But that didn’t mean I quit living. I switched to playing pool.”

“Can’t do either,” replied his companion. “But I betcha I can beat you at poker.”

Staying active keeps you young, no matter how you look at it.

From doctors’ advice to TV ads, we are urged to stay both physically and mentally active, as far as personal health will permit, at every age we reach.

For many who no longer can swing a golf club or take a few laps in the pool, there are still plenty of ways to stay physically and mentally fit.

Learning a new craft, trying out chair exercises and yoga or just sharing good conversations with fellow-residents encourages socializing that leads to a more positive outlook on daily life.

It’s why the activities at senior communities like The Peninsula have a specialized activity director and organized programs all year long with a variety of activities to suit just about any taste. And for a change of pace, residents enjoy community trips and dining together at their favorite restaurants.

Staying active isn’t just a way to fill solitary hours. Enjoying a hobby, a game of cards, or a good meal with new friends is a vital way of keeping a positive outlook.

Sharing the good things in life can help revive an outgoing frame of mind among those whose disablements show early signs of forming a reclusive nature.

That’s why we encourage residents to stay active, both in mind and body. No matter what activity helps keep them young!

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